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A laptop and a writing program can make you a writer, but being technically proficient at telling stories makes you a professional. 

I've been writing TV and film specs, pilots, and features for over 20 years. I specialize in action, comedy, dramedy and science-fi

I use my real-life experiences in the military, the medical lab, and as a comedian, actor, and paramedic to infuse real science and logic into my scripts. My characters speak like real humans, but with swag. I like to make the audience think; "What would I do in that situation?"

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** Mystro Clark: The Comedy Icon**


Are you ready to experience 100% laughter, 100% charisma, and 100% style? Look no further than the comedic genius, actor, writer, and war veteran, Mystro Clark, aka "The 100%." From his unforgettable HBO stand-up routines to his numerous TV shows and films. Mystro has been "keeping it 100" since the 90s with development deals with Disney, Fox, and Warner Brothers studios, over 160 episodes of television. Now he brings that same energy to his exclusive apparel line, "100% Gear." Mystro's journey to becoming "The 100%" began in 89 when he started stand-up, he coined the phrase "Keeping it 100 " to describe his aggressive military stand-up style. His innovative catchphrase soon took the comedy world by storm, resonating with audiences across the globe. His three appearances on HBO Def Comedy Jam left audiences in stitches, earning him multiple standing ovations, and the 100% movement was born. It's still alive and well 30 years later.

Now, with "100% Gear," you can embrace the spirit of humor, logic, and authenticity that defines Mystro's style. His apparel line is not just about clothing; it's a statement, a lifestyle, and a way of embracing the world with a positive, fun-loving, no-bullshit attitude. Whether you're a die-hard fan or just someone who appreciates top-notch comedy, wearing

"100% Gear" will show your dedication to keeping it 100%. Mystro's illustrious career has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. He charmed audiences as the host of the iconic series "Soul Train" for three seasons after creator Don Cornelious retired. Mystro continued the legacy, bringing the hottest RnB music and dance moves to living rooms across the world. For a decade, he took viewers on thrilling adventures as the host of "Awesome Adventures" on Fox, making every episode an unforgettable educational experience.

His talent and versatility shined through in his first role as a cast member on the sketch comedy series, "The NEWZ," where he kept audiences entertained for 50 episodes with hilarious characters such as "Malcolm Fed-X."  Next he graced the small screen as a star on the hit TV series "The Show" (Wilson Lee) and "Lovespring International," (Alex), showcasing his comedic brilliance in each character. Mystro's talent isn't confined to television; he's also made his mark on the silver screen, co-starring alongside legends like Dolph Lundgren, Raquel Welch, and the late Robin Williams. His on-screen charisma and wit have earned him a special place in the hearts of comedy fans and moviegoers everywhere. Clark has written tv episodes for Nickelodeon and developed shows for Disney, Warner Brothers, and Fox studios. He has done over 150 episodes of television.

In addition to his entertainment success, Mystro is a war veteran, having served two deployments with honor and dedication. His determination and resilience in the face of challenges have only added to the inspiration he brings to his comedy and his life. Mystro believes in education. He joined the military, went to war, graduated from Paramedic school, earned his BS in Clinical Lab Science, and later a Master's degree. He is also an Associate Professor of Military Science. After his combat tours, he decided to focus on his writing more. He currently lives in Los Angeles, CA, and has 25 years of military experience and 30 years as a professional comedian and actor. Mystro Clark is the comedic icon who continues to push the boundaries, spread laughter, speak knowledge, and keep it 100% real. You can connect with Mystro through the contact tab here on the website ( or for questions or booking info and stay a part of the Keepit 100% revolution!

This is the gateway to the world of "The 100%,"  check back for upcoming projects, and exclusive gear for the "100% Squad."

Join the movement, embrace the humor, and represent the spirit of The 100%. 


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Introducing the Keepinit100 Collection by 100%Gear. Perfect for any season, this clothing is sure to help you stay cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and stylish all year round with a fun and comedic twist. Mystro Clark's signature blend of bluntness, swag, facts, and logic is sure to help you stay successful in any climate for the perfect statement of creativity and comedy. Get some 100%Gear today and let em know you're Keepinit100!

*Check back for new products monthly.

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- Raw honesty, lethal wit -

Property of Mystro Clark 

MC100 Ent.

Table Setting




One-hour series.  Chief, an Army war Vet comes home with PTSD to no fiance. He was a star comedian when he left a year earlier. Now, he hates therapy but he’ll try anything to get his life and fiance back. But when her new boyfriend threatens him, his anger and training take over.

(feel: American Sniper / Reacher.)




At a fancy dinner party for a wealthy business tycoon, the guests learn someone is trying to kill them. They need to find out who, and how to stop it before dessert.

(feel: Murder by Death / Knives Out)





Matty wants to become a nurse to prove he is not a failure.  All he has to do is stick to his plan and overcome his fear of germs, his overachieving big sister, his demanding doctor parents, and make it through nursing school. The rest is easy.

(feel: Monk / Scrubs)

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Breathing life into characters and captivating audiences.

A master storyteller with a passion that began with handwritten short stories and sitcoms, Mystro is a seasoned writer whose journey from acting and stand-up comedy to the world of screenwriting has been nothing short of extraordinary. Armed with a keen eye for creativity and a profound understanding of the craft, he has become a recognized talent since his spec script was chosen in the top 20% of over 5,000 scripts in the Screencraft writing contest.

Having honed his skills as an actor and stand-up comedian, Mystro possesses a unique ability to breathe life into characters and infuse humor into even dark topics. This versatility shines through allowing for dynamic and engaging stories that captivate audiences of all backgrounds. Combining his love for acting and stand-up comedy, Mystro's interest in screenwriting blossomed, and he soon found his way into the industry. With an impressive start as a paid writer for Nickelodeon, Mystro's talent and dedication have paved the way for remarkable collaborations with some of the industry's most successful showrunners and producers. Among them are luminaries such as Mark Cherry ("Desperate Housewives"), Al Jean and Mike Reiss ("The Simpsons"), John Bowman ("Martin," "The Show"), and Steve McFeeley ("Captain America"). Mystro's unique background infuses his scripts with vibrant energy, breathing life into characters and captivating audiences. Embracing the challenge of turning great ideas into marketable products, Mystro approaches each project with unwavering focus, ensuring that every story he develops is worth the read.

In an industry overflowing with ideas, Mystro stands out as a technically sound creative writer who can bring visions to life. With an undeniable flair for storytelling and a commitment to excellence, Mystro is poised to deliver unforgettable stories that resonate with audiences worldwide. Mystro Clark could be the mastermind behind your next hit.

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Mystro Clark

Writer, Actor, Comedian



Kaya - L.A. - MTV

Lovespring International - Alex - Lifetime 

Studio 60 - Willy Wilz - NBC

World Cup Comedy - Self (Improvisation) - PAX

The Shield - Warner - FX

One on One - Red Galloway - UPN

That’s Life - Officer Johnson - CBS

The Grown Ups - Neal - UPN

Pacific Blue - Self - USA

Cousin Skeeter (Writer S1/E3) - Coach - Nick

Keenen and Kel - Cousin E - NICK

Getting Personal - Graham - FOX

Rewind - Harv - FOX (co-star)

Gregory Hines Show - Doug - CBS

The SHOW - Wilson Lee - FOX 

Parenthood - Director Troy - WB

The NEWZ - Various (sketch) - FOX/synd.


Awesome Adventures (10 seasons) - FOX/ Synd

Soul Train (3 seasons) - Self - WGN/ Tribune

Animal Planet - Self - APN cable

Golden Globe Awards (Red Carpet) -Self - E!

Emmy Awards Red Carpet - Self - E!

Pulled Over - Self - Style

Slam Ball - Self - Spike


Shrink - Dr. Morton - Ind

Out at the Wedding - Alex - Ind

Storm Catcher - Sparks Johnson - Phoenician

Chairman of the Board - Ty - Trimark

White Men Can’t Jump - Supporting - 20th Cent FOX


The Last Days of Judas Iscariot - Pontius Pilate - Pismo, CA


Comics Unleashed - Self - CBS/ Synd

HBO Def Comedy Jam (3x) - Self - HBO

BET Comic View (3x) 1 Hr Special - Self - BET

Evening at the Improv - Self - A&E

Comedy Loco - Self - Telemundo

Aspen Comedy Festival - Self - HBO


Taco Bell - Manager - National TV

Two Guys Prenatal PSA- Basketball player 1- National Radio

Men In Black - Agent K (voice) - Video Game


MFA - Creative Writing

BS - Clinical Lab Science / Medical Technology

Adv. Screenwriting

Adv. Acting

Scene Study - Theater of Arts, Hollywood, CA 

Editing (Final Cut Pro X)

Character Study - ‘The Approach’ (T. Ardavany) Beverly Hills, CA

EMT/ Paramedic

Military Schools - Various

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You need a professional writer to turn your good idea into a great product otherwise it's like pulling your own teeth, it sounds easy until you try it.  Hit me up for comedy shows, military advisor,  joke writer, or punch up. Let's get to work! 100%

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